SONG: Here in Spirit by Jim James |  ARTIST: Matt Lehman

Matt Lehman — I love the haunting smoothness of this song. It’s joyful with an undertone of melancholy. The lyrics are great, but it’s more about the feeling. To me, the song is about living life to the fullest while holding a deep gratitude toward those who’ve come before us...those who have made sacrifices on our behalf - our family, friends, and the heroes we’ve looked up to. Because of their lives, we can make an impact in this world. In short, there’s this weird juxtaposition of celebrating life and mourning the brevity of our time here on Earth. All joy is laced with a little sadness, right? While I don’t think this is necessarily a spiritual song, there is an underlying faith message about love, thankfulness, and making the most of our time here. Unrelated, the weird glitches at the end of the song are the cherry on top.

No compromise
But willing to sacrifice...
If you don't speak out
We can't hear it
Our love is always here
Here in spirit
And all those who came before
Here in spirit

︎ Your pals, Seth & Titus | Permanent Records 2018 | Both Coasts, USA ︎