SONG: Pájaros by Porter | ARTIST: Marisol Ortega

Marisol Ortega — I chose these lyrics because it's one of those songs that talks about losing a part of you (whether that be a family member, yourself or lover). I've grown up with this sort of survival mode mentality, I think just from being a first generation Mexican-American, that I think I missed a few lessons in dealing with emotions. I love this song because it talks about 'time not always healing everything' and I sometimes have to remind myself that it's okay to feel things, to give them their time and when I'm ready, I'm able to move on because I validated those feelings.

...Se está apagando tu mirada
Y que el tiempo cura todo
¡No es cierto!
Y que la luna es de queso
¡No es cierto!

︎ Your pals, Seth & Titus | Permanent Records 2018 | Both Coasts, USA ︎