SONG: Losing My Edge by LCD Soundsystem | ARTIST: Andrew Elmore

Andrew Elmore — This song has always been close to my heart. It was one of the first 12" singles I ever bought. There's something about the way James Murphy's semi-autobiographical character screams out his credentials in a frenetic, messy list, in an effort to cling to a branch of relevance against the raging current of time, repeatedly insisting "...but I was there!" that really resonates with me. I totaled my first car listening to this song when I was 17 and terrified of my own mortality. I still am now, almost a decade later, I just... kinda try not to think about it. GIL!! SCOTT!! HERON!!

I was there.
I was the first guy playing Daft Punk to the rock kids.
I played it at CBGB's.
Everybody thought I was crazy.
We all know.
I was there.
I was there.
I've never been wrong.

︎ Your pals, Seth & Titus | Permanent Records 2018 | Both Coasts, USA ︎