SONG: White Flag by Joseph | ARTIST: Andrew Berkemeyer

Andrew Berkemeyer — I first heard of the band Joseph a few years ago and downloaded their debut album on a donation-based website called Noise Trade. It makes me smile now to see them finding such success, including the promotion of their latest album on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. The day this album came out I grabbed my headphones, laid on my bed, and listened to the whole thing straight through. The words “burn the white flag” are a great reminder to me to keep fighting and never surrender to the doubts that constantly swirl around in my own head.

I could surrender but I'd
Just be pretending, no I'd
Rather be dead than live a lie
Burn the white flag

︎ Your pals, Seth & Titus | Permanent Records 2018 | Both Coasts, USA ︎